F2020 is the first European Citizens' Initiative every registered. A historical achievement!

How we plan to change Europe...

with nothing but an idea.

This initiative has not cost much in terms of money. Registering the domain has cost less than 50 Euros, which we paid out of our own pockets. Everything else you see and read on these pages does not carry a price tag. We even received our logo free of charge thanks to Maripili, an advertising agency in Barcelona. Of course, we have invested a lot of time to come up with all this. What you see is only the final product of a process that stretched over a whole year. But we have done it because we really believe in the necessity of an initiative like F2020 – not because we were paid to do it.

For the signature collection, however, we have decided to raise a small budget. If you want to help finance our cause, please see here. In this connection we also want to thank the following organisations for their help:

4,500 EUR

Fondation Hippocrène
1,000 EUR

500 EUR

Thank you!
500 EUR

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