F2020 is the first European Citizens' Initiative every registered. A historical achievement!
Manifesto Fraternité 2020

The origins of F2020

How it all began...

F2020 goes back to the ‘Convention of Young European Citizens’, organised in Cluny (France) every year since 2001. This convention brings together youngsters from all over Europe to debate topics related to Europe with the goal of producing one common produit final (final product) in a kind of ‘European Parliament’. In 2010 the convention convened for the tenth time and alumni of the nine preceding years prepared a ‘Manifesto Fraternité 2020’ as a common 10-year-anniversary final product that was concluded together with the participants of 2010 (see here). The European spirit surrounding the 2010 convention was honoured by the European Parliament, which awarded the whole convention the French Laureate of the European Charlemagne Youth Prize in 2011 (see here).

Later F2020 also involved people that have never been to Cluny and completely reformulated its goals, mainly because the ‘Manifesto Fraternité 2020’ was too specific to be registered as an ECI. That is why today the Manifesto Fraternité 2020 and the European Citizens’ Initiative Fraternité 2020 should be considered two different things, although sharing the same foundation.

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